Home Control Services (Solar)


Energy solutions has partnered with the leading Residential and Commercial solar panel installers to professionally and safely place systems on roofs or property to receive the best possible power efficiency.

Utilize the power of the sun! Eliminate or dramatically reduce your utility bill. Increase the value of your home or business. We will provide detailed specifics for your home or business clean solar energy system. We provide quality parts and reliable service by a professional certified installation team of structural engineers, electricians and roof contractors. We arrange all the aspects of the installation process to make your request to make your experience as worry free as possible.


-INITIAL CONTACT: Upon request, energy solutions will review satellite images and other information to see if solar energy is right for you. (Energy Solutions will reach out either by phone or we can meet in person).

-HOME VISIT: We visit your home to get an in depth analysis to suite your home or business energy needs.

-PROPOSAL: We will present a custom proposal and design for your home or business taking into account all factors that were discussed and reviewed with you. Once the proposal is agreed on, we discuss financing and payment options that best suit your budget!